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Jump, Slide, Shoot & Fly, but most of all…

Do something or die!

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Exclusively for iOS, Sir Vival at its’ roots is a throwback to the golden age of classic retro arcade action.

Guide your Pixel Hero “Sir Vival” and see how long you can stay alive, not long would be our guess. Travel through the underground portals in search for those shiny stars, they may well come in handy. With over 30 different worlds to survive, each one has it’s own tricky hazards to navigate.

There’s 13 different characters to choose from, each can be unlocked by collecting stars and we plan to add many more real soon. Players can compete with their friends to see who tops the Global Game Centre Leaderboard charts to become knighted!

For this our latest release, and as lovers of the arcade classics, we set out to re-create the excitement of these fun packed old school titles with a 2017 twist.

Drawing inspiration from Space Invaders, Missile Command and various other games from the past, we feel this new mix of gameplay forged with an fast paced portal system, boss levels and changing mechanics makes for a great fun play, our beta testers have loved it 🙂

In Development

Sir Vival - Sketch 1
Sir Vival - Sketch 2

Jilly & Kevin working in Photoshop and Buildbox creating the game. 700 cups of tea later and “Sir Vival” was finally finished 🙂

Development time was just under 5 weeks and a few late nights. As a 2 person indie team, all roles are interchangeable and shared, especially lunch duty!

We develop our games using Buildbox, which for non-coder graphic designer folks like us, is an awesome tool that let’s us realise our concepts and ideas.

Sir Vival is our 13th game built using the software and we’re honoured and proud to have been featured by Apple all over the globe in “New Games We Love” for all of our 12 released titles.

Buildbox Mind Map

Final Appstore Screenshots

Icon & iMessage Stickers

Many iterations was done on the icon but we wanted something clean and easily recognisable. When it comes to icon design in general, less is usually more and we’re happy with the final version.

The finishing touch was to include some iMessage Stickers. These are super fun and we can’t wait to add some more of these pixel characters, they look awesome 🙂

Press Friendly Kit

iMessage Stickers